Impact wrench 3/4"DR, 5000 RPM, 1800 Nm AIW3416M Thorvik Tools



Anvil size 3/4’’DR
Free speed (RPM) 5000 RPM
Maximum torque 1800 Nm
Recommended maximum air pressure 6,3 Bar
Average air consumption CFM 210 l/min
Air hose size 12 mm
Air inlet size 1/2’’DR
Overall size (length) 235 mm
Clutch mechanism twin hammer

THORVIK® pneumatic tools are the brand, used for mechanization of fitting and assembly work, form a line of the most high-demanded and popular products of this type, including pneumatic impact wrenches of various capacities and sizes of drives from 1/2 ”DR to 1” DR, ratchet handles, drills, grinding and angle grinders. The use of THORVIK® pneumatic tools allows you to save manpower and time, plus to it is indispensable in mass production.

Thorvik tools offer a wide choice of High-Quality tools for competitive prices.

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